UNDER THE SAME STARS opens April 22nd in Ottawa
acacia johnson
Mar 12, 2015

Through the generous support of a Fulbright-RBC Eco-Leadership Award, the debut exhibition of my work in the Canadian Arctic, UNDER THE SAME STARS, will be on display from April 22nd-24th in the Constitution Square lobby in downtown Ottawa, Canada. 

Photographed during a four-month residence on the north shore of Baffin Island, UNDER THE SAME STARS reflects on the notion of interconnectedness and on the solid roots that the Arctic communities have with the land and sea, both by retaining traditional and local knowledge and by exploring modern influences. This community-focused perspective provides an intimate glimpse into the realities of living in the Canadian Arctic, highlighting the shared experiences that unite circumpolar peoples across the globe. 

Click here for more information on Fulbright Canada's website! Hope to see you there, and look forward to eventually sharing the work on my website as well.